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Focus on personality, then looks.

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A real match on Story Dating:

Tell us your preferences and availability

We text you each Sunday asking for your availability for the week. In return you get a hand-picked match!

Hop into a phone call with your match

Quit swiping and texting and get straight to conversation.

Connect again if you hit it off

If not, no worries! We'll be back in touch the next week with another match.

Meet people, not photos

We tell kids not to judge a book by its cover. Yet that's exactly what we do in every other dating app. Story takes a different approach by making the first interaction - a phone call - blind. It's convenient and takes the pressure off, letting you focus on making an emotional connection.

Skip endless texting

You have better things to do than chase down unresponsive matches, or spend the entire conversation in scheduling back-and-forth. Story handles all of that for you - just bring your authentic self to the phone call.

Stress-free phone calls

It's easy to take Story Dating phone calls while you're heading to the store, walking the dog or folding laundry. Plus, there's no pressure to dress up!

Personalized matches

We use your feedback after each date to find you even better matches. Did you wind up swapping numbers with Taylor? We'll find you more matches like them.

Best thing ever. F*** texting.
- Yad, 30
I was able to imagine a real, complete person, that I could fall in love with.
- Bayla, 26
I definitely love hearing voice over text and pics. Voice adds an extra layer of sexiness and character.
- Jack, 30

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